TARH-E-HAFTOM Engineering Co.

Welcome to Tarh-e-Haftom Consulting Engineers website.

Based on previous experiences and technical staff & specialists, Tarh-e-Haftom Consulting Engineers have been able to offer a vast area of technical services. The scope of these services and activities are as follows :

- Transportation Planning and Management

- Traffic Engineering and Management

- Traffic Safety

- Highway Engineering and Planning

- Structural & Architectural Engineering

Tarh-e-Haftom background of specialty in recent years :

- Initial and Phase I & II of Road Construction Studies.

- Initial and Phase I & II of Road Rehabilitation Studies.

- Improvement of Urban Transportation and Traffic Systems.

- Comprehensive Urban Transportation and Traffic Studies.

- Rail Transit System Studies (Metro, Light Rail Transit).

- Interchange and Intersection Design.

- Transportation Safety Studies.